What can you expect at BlockSplit 2019?

The second edition of the BlockSplit conference is coming soon. International exchange of experience and knowledge in the blockchain community happens at the end of April. The audience will once again have the opportunity to listen to the challenges and opportunities in this industry by numerous experts.

Again you will be able to participate in workshops and establish new business contacts. You can still get your tickets on the official website of the conference: blocksplit.org.

Below we provide a review of the news that BlockSplit brings this year.

  1. Thematic focus on DAO and Defi
  2. Quality workshops
  3. Well known projects
  4. Demonstration of the latest technologies
  5. Better entertainment program

All of this is possible thanks to our speakers and sponsors, among whom the spotlight is well deserved by our main sponsors ICT Županija and City of Split.


Focus on DAO and Defi

Crypto winter has brought the real massacre of ICO projects which spawned in 2017 by Ethereum. Probably around 90% of such projects have already experienced an overwhelming ruin. In those which managed to survive, the unfounded hype is generally replaced by austerity measures and focus on work. One of those who succeeded not only to survive but also to achieve immense growth in product development and user adoption are Maker and Aragon.

Maker the first successful venture to create decentralized stable currency and lending system, and the best-known project in the Defi – “Decentralized Finance“. Their stable currency, known as “dai“, is created by issuing a loan: if you lock a certain amount of collateral into Maker’s smart contracts and get up to 70% of the value of that asset in dai. So far, over $200 million worth of loans have been issued, and Maker does not show any sign of stopping.

Maker system overview

Maker is just one of the new generation of financial institutions built on Ethereum blockchain represented at BlockSplit. You will be able to meet and learn from Aave (ETHLend and AavePay), Limechain (Limepay), Electrocoin (Paycek), LeapDAO and others. If you are interested in developing new financial services and institutions, whether as developers, entrepreneurs or regulators, the BlockSplit conference is something you should not miss!

The second big theme of this year’s BlockSplit is DAO – “Decentralized Autonomous Organization“, a company founded on blockchain. The DAO-focused program got its name and website: daocon.io.

DaoCon brings DAOstack and Aragon, whose members will hold lectures and workshops for startup founders on how to build your firm and learn about the advanced capabilities. In addition to them, numerous projects with services and solutions for decentralized companies will be presented at the conference, as well as professional lecturers who will discuss the business, legal and technological aspects of this topic.

More quality workshops

Blockchain is the foundational commercial and social infrastructure of the future. It will replace the many centralized institutions the society relies on to function: from the court system, through the financial system to trade. This is an industry that opens up many valuable opportunities and every new business venture in this industry is extremely valuable. In Croatia and the rest of Southeastern Europe, however, there are not many of such projects. That’s why BlockSplit conference is important, it provides quality opportunities for learning and networking. BlockSplit is one of the best opportunities for companies and talents to enter this industry.

The basis of the educational program of the BlockSplit conference are multi-day and full-day workshops.

Many technical and non-technical workshops have been announced for this year’s BlockSplit conference. Participants will get the opportunity to find out more about the following topics:

  1. Business models in the blockchain industry
  2. Building a bank on blockchain
  3. Forming a company on blockchain
  4. Making arbitrable smart contracts
  5. Legal aspects of the DAO
  6. DAO Canvas design
  7. Zero Knowledge Proofs
  8. Building a distributed password manager with Ethereum and IPFS

Well known projects

Ethereum is the blockchain of choice for most of companies and speakers at this years’ BlockSplit conference. Thanks to that Ethereum Foundation decided to give their official support for the event. We have already mentioned Aragon and Maker, besides them you in Split you can expect following blockchain projects:

  • DAOstack: project leading the effort of getting DAOs a reality
  • Aave: startup that offers loans and payments on blockchain
  • Fluence: startup that offers decentralized backends for decentralized applications
  • Kleros: startup building a decentralized court system
  • LeapDAO: startup developing Plasma scaling solution for Ethereum
  • Limechain: startup building a number of Ethereum tools and services
  • Status: decentralized messaging and payment application based on Ethereum
  • Tenderly: this years’ two times winners of ETH Paris hackathon
  • Bitcoin Store: biggest Croatian cryptocurrency exchange
  • Electrocoin: fastest growing Croatian startup and cryptocurrency exchange
  • and many others

The biggest alternative to Ethereum is presented by Aeternity, they will be presented by Luka Sučić, Gregor Storman, Mislav Javor, and Alvaro Rodriguez Resino.

Apart from these, you can meet leading regional teams from South-East Europe. Less known but leaders of the industry in this region, they are very important for the future. BlockSplit welcomes and provides a stage for these to start and grow their business.

And more…

Expect to see and use latest technologies at BlockSplit, including Plasma, DAI, Burner Wallet, Non-Fungible Tokens, DAOs and other. We will even have a demo space where you can show or see tools and products.

For your entertainment, we have prepared a bigger and better main party: BeachCon.

Join us for the whole evening of music, food and cool interactions in one of the best locations in the town. Also, join tokenhunt, crypto regatta or a sightseeing tour.

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