Student tickets available

Again, we have prepared a special offer for all students, Croatian and international ones who want to attend BlockSplit conference!

We all know that student life can be a challenging one, trying to juggle between studying and having fun, and with enough money to cover it all. Since we started organizing this conference, a lot of students showed interest in coming, but not a lot of them could afford the ticket. We can all agree that proactive students, who are interested not just in passing their exams but also seeking opportunities for a new set of knowledge, are the ones who later make the best employees. We believe our conference is a great platform for students to gain insights into and experience blockchain.

Thus, we are very happy to announce the special offer for all students, no matter where they are coming from. All students who come to the conference will get a complimentary ticket for Day 2 (Friday).

If you really want to take part in one of the workshops, email us at contact[at] and ask us for a free ticket for that as well. We will expect you to explain to us why it makes sense for you to participate, and why should we pick you.

Get the ticket here.

Note: 10 euros which you pay will be refunded to you after the conference, but only if you have attended.

The number of student tickets is limited, so we advise you to apply as soon as possible. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask us via our official chat channel, or our social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter).

See you soon at the conference!

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