Blockchain workshops you shouldn’t miss

BlockSplit Conference is back!
  • Where?   Split, Croatia
  • When?    25. April 2019.
  • Tickets?

First, a note from organizers

Last year, BlockSplit brought full day blockchain workshops to Croatia. Developers and entrepreneurs interested in diving deeper into blockchain technology and business use-cases spent a day trying out Solidity, game theory and testing business ideas. Last years’ workshops were our first, and we have learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t. We incorporated these learnings into BlockSplit 2019. While preparing the agenda we were led by a few ideas:

  • attract talented developers and entrepreneurs
  • cover the most promising use-cases
  • bring the best speakers
  • ensure useful outcomes

In this post, we present the first 4 workshops and you can judge for yourself if we achieved our goals.

Quick test: is this for you?

  1. You are an entrepreneur with an idea which uses blockchain or has a potential application in blockchain industry?
  2. You need more flexibility and options for your business than what is possible in your local jurisdiction, but don’t want to spend a fortune on lawyers or public notaries in a foreign country?
  3. Maybe you are more interested in building financial services and products but don’t have the necessary resources and connections to do it in the traditional financial system?
  4. You are a blockchain engineer working on a complex product where all the logic simply cannot be put into a smart contract?
  5. Do you want to be on time with new technological discoveries by learning and listening to world-famous speakers all in one place?

If the answer to only one question is yes – BlockSplit conference is something you shouldn’t miss!

We are proud to announce the first four workshops that are divided into the following topics:

  1. Business models design
  2. Creating a simple bank
  3. Creating a simple company
  4. Creating an arbitrable smart contract

1. Blockchain business models: the essentials

  • speaker: Alvaro Rodriguez Resino (independent business consultant)
  • type: non-technical

This workshop is meant to help entrepreneurs and business people alike to either validate their value proposition or find new ones, leveraging the blockchain technology. If you have a business idea, or you want to explore how the blockchain could help your current customers, in this workshop you will get the tools to find the right product-market fit. It’s a learn-by-doing experience, where we will combine theory with a hands-on approach in whatever business problems you might have.

2. Lending pools 101: the next step in decentralized finance

  • speakers: Emilio Frangella & Ernesto Boado ( blockchain engineers at Aave)
  • type: technical

Focused on very a hot topic – decentralized finance, this workshop will get you familiar with the next big application of blockchain in the financial industry – loans. It will start with an introduction to the decentralized lending ecosystem and liquidity pools and then continue with learning how to set up smart contracts and client environment on Ethereum. You will create lending pool smart contracts, create and test your lending pool and deploy it on the testnet.

3. Building a DAO: zero to hero

  • speaker: Mislav Javor (blockchain engineer and founder at AMPnet)
  • type: technical

One of the most promising applications of blockchain is transforming shareholder agreements (SHA) into self-executable code, aka DAO. SHA is the foundation of every company, and its form and execution are currently bound by laws and bureaucracy. This workshop will guide you through the key concepts and approaches in forming a company on a blockchain. It starts with an introduction to Ethereum blockchain and the concept of setting up a company. You will learn the basics of smart contracts and solidity, set up the environment, define  DAO smart contract features (voting, fund allocation, DAO owned smart contracts), write the contract, test the contract and deploy it on the testnet.

4. Arbitrable smart contracts: enabling real-world complexity

  • speaker: Clement Lesaege (CTO and founder at Kleros)
  • type: technical with lots of economics

Last but not least, is a workshop where you will learn how to make contracts which can create disputes to be resolved by an arbitrator. Traditional social contracts have a big advantage over smart contracts – they can manage complex transactions in a simple way by outsourcing the nuances to courts. Smart contracts currently don’t have that luxury and thus are limited to managing simple transactions. Solution to this is arbitrable smart contract. In this workshop, you will be designing the incentives and making the contract. You’ll be introduced to ERC792 Arbitrator and Arbitrable contracts. You will develop a simple escrow contract and connect it to an arbitrator. Also, you’ll pick your own use-case and develop an arbitrable contract of your choosing.

Additional info

All workshops start at 9 am and last 6 hours. The workshops have a limited number of seats, each workshop has a maximum of 25 participants. Do not wait too long for the decision to join us because the countdown started – only 26 days to the beginning.

After the workshops, you will have an opportunity to participate in meetups focused on DAOs and Decentralized Finance. The evening is reserved for a very special entertainment program and dinner (all included), so don’t miss this day full of activities!

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