Agenda structure

This is your introduction to the structure of BlockSplit Conference events.

  1. Day one:
    • Workshops
    • Beach Barbecue Party
  2. Day two:
    • Talks
      • Business talks
      • Development talks
      • Unconference
    • Expo
    • DaoCon Zero
    • Afterparty

1. Workshops

The first day is reserved for 8-hour long hands-on development workshops. There will be 5 workshop groups, with 1 speaker and 20 attendees each.

Workshops are meant to introduce developers to the topic and make them able to launch a job or start a project with the newly acquired knowledge. Each workshop should last 4 or 8 hours (including breaks), and it should be really hands on. It would probably best if it is arranged as a sort of a small project within a specific subject.

We will see what will be demand in terms of subjects and experience level. Workshop mentors are experienced developers. Attendees are experienced developers getting their hold on blockchain development.


2. Full talks

On the second day, in a Large Amphitheater (for up to 310 attendees) we will have 6 hours of development talks. Development talks should be about examples of pushing boundaries with blockchain technology – cutting edge technology and effort showcase and introduction.

This should be an introduction and the first step for a number of developers to get into a specific area within blockchain development. This is why we are looking for world-class experts to be speakers.  We are open for speaker applications and topic proposals.

Simultaneously, on the second day in a Small Amphitheater (up to 240 attendees), we will have 6 hours of business talks. Same purpose and idea as development track, just with business and economics related subjects. This track is designed for all those who want to learn more about business models, cryptoeconomics, incentivization, game theory, business opportunities, and other related subjects.

Our aim is to help future founders of blockchain projects to get a hold on these topics and round up their understanding about the subject in order to be able to launch successful startups. Speakers for this track should be experienced project leaders or experts with a deep understanding of the relevant topic. We are open for speaker applications and topic proposals.


3. Lightning talks

lightning talk is a very short presentation lasting only 5 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes for Q&A. Presenters are encouraged to present their projects or anything which might spark interest and questions from the audience.

There will be several classrooms available for you to give lightning talk depending on your topic. Bear in mind that DAO related talks have a priority because of DaoCon.

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