Check out latest agenda here. Full-day workshops on day 1 are bought separately. For each workshop, you need to reserve your spot!

9:00 - 10:00
Light breakfast & Setup

This workshop is meant to help entrepreneurs and business people alike to either validate their value proposition or find new ones, leveraging the blockchain technology. If you have a business idea, or you want to explore how the blockchain could help your current customers, in this workshop you will get the tools to find the right product-market fit. It’s a learn-by-doing experience, where we will combine theory with a hands-on approach in whatever business problems you might have.

Only 8 spots left, reserve here: Full pass or Workshop pass

Alvaro Rodriguez Resino

Focused on very a hot topic – decentralized finance, this workshop will get you familiar with the next big application of blockchain in the financial industry – loans. It will start with an introduction to the decentralized lending ecosystem and liquidity pools and then continue with learning how to set up smart contracts and client environment on Ethereum. You will create lending pool smart contracts, create and test your lending pool and deploy it on the testnet.

Only 10 spots left, reserve here: Full pass or Workshop pass

Emilio Frangella & Ernesto Boado, Aave

One of the most promising applications of blockchain is transforming shareholder agreements (SHA) into self-executable code, aka DAO. SHA is the foundation of every company, and its form and execution are currently bound by laws and bureaucracy. This workshop will guide you through the key concepts and approaches in forming a company on a blockchain. It starts with an introduction to Ethereum blockchain and the concept of setting up a company. You will learn the basics of smart contracts and solidity, set up the environment, define DAO smart contract features (voting, fund allocation, DAO owned smart contracts), write the contract, test the contract and deploy it on the testnet.

Only 10 spots left, reserve here: Full pass or Workshop pass

Mislav Javor, AMPnet

You will learn how to make contracts which can create disputes to be resolved by an arbitrator. Traditional social contracts have a big advantage over smart contracts – they can manage complex transactions in a simple way by outsourcing the nuances to courts. Smart contracts currently don’t have that luxury and thus are limited to managing simple transactions. A solution to this is an arbitrable smart contract. In this workshop, you will be designing the incentives and making the contract. You’ll be introduced to ERC792 Arbitrator and Arbitrable contracts. You will develop a simple escrow contract and connect it to an arbitrator. Also, you’ll pick your own use-case and develop an arbitrable contract of your choosing.

Only 10 spots left, reserve here: Full pass & Workshop pass

Clement Lesaege, Kleros
18:00 - 20:00
Blockchain Meetup Split: DAOs and DeFi

It’s time for 10th Blockchain Meetup in Split! We invite you to join us for 2 hours of discussions and networking in PICS!
The entrance is free, but the number of places is limited to 100. Sign up here.

Decentralized finance applications carry the biggest usage of blockchain and pose the big threat to business models of the “handful” incumbent financial institutions. Join Gustav Arentoft from Makerdao, Stani Kulechov from Aave, Bruno Škvorc from Bitfalls and others for a discussion on the potential of DeFi.

Decentralized organizations are one of the biggest use-cases of blockchain. We are pleased to announce a panel discussion with Felipe Duarte from DAOstack, Daniel Shavit from Aragon, Dmitry Kurinskiy from Fluence, and Tomislav Mamić from BridgeDAO. Facilitated by Phoebe Tickell from DGOV Foundation.

The meetup takes place in PICS coworking space and incubator on Thursday 25th, between 18:00 and 20:00h. Right after BlockSplit Conference workshops and before BeachCon Party in Vila Dalmacija.

Check out the Facebook event here.

This time around, the warmup session of BlockSplit Conference is moving to one of the most beautiful venues in Split – Villa Dalmatia. BeachCon is a great networking event where you can meet Blockchain community members who share your interests.

Don’t miss out – clear out your schedule on the 25th of April and brace yourself for six amazing hours of music, food, drinks and interesting conversations at a beautiful location on Marjan.

Get your ticket NOW:


Facebook event


9:00 - 9:45


Faculty of Economics
Cvite Fiskovića 5, 21000 Split

Agenda breakdown and important info.

Short coffee break

By observing the blockchain space I realised that people who are building blockchain projects think the normal rules of entrepreneurship and startups don’t apply to them. The intent of the talk is to give an overview of the main crucial points every blockchain project needs to do before writing a single line of code (not to mention doing a token sale of any sort)

Luka Sučić

How to prepare a project to be an angel investor investment ready. From Stock Exchange, Beyond ICOs to Crypto Angel investment. For all that would like to get insight into processes that we had to go through before, in the middle of, and after receiving Crypto-Angel investment.

A talk from a speaker who changed his hard-core investment banking career as head of EU-wide financial markets departments of Sberbank Europe AG, and decided to go into High/Crpto Tech StartUp world.

Gregor Storman
Short coffee break
I’m concentrating on Blockchain for Social Impact.  Blockchains will have its greatest impact in low to middle income countries.  I’ll be showcasing some ideas on how to best deliver blockchains solutions as an ecosystem and some tech that’s already out there.
The banking the unbanked and underbanked is worth $350billion but companies cannot do it alone.
David Acton

I’m a Solidity and Fabric developer and I find it interesting to give an overview of Hyperledger Fabric as a blockchain intended to be used in enterprise use cases. I’m working on Fabric solutions and this could be interesting for comparison with public networks. I’m also open to doing a workshop on this if there is interest so we can definitely talk about that.

Key points: Permissioned vs permissionless blockchain solutions from a developer perspective.


Edi Sinovčić

Blockchain technology can be used to store data in order to have an unambiguous data record. One implementation of this is with the Common Knowledge Base of Nervos that allows to store data. Another possibility for storing data is what is called Mutual Knowledge Base which has weaker requirements but provide essentially the same functionality. One use case is for side chain. We will report on our implementation in Rust.

Mathieu Dutour Sikirić

Short thank you to everyone and Tokenhunt introduction.

9:00 - 9:45

Present your project or idea in 7min and answer to questions in another 7 min.

Apply: contact [at]

I will share updates on the current regulatory status of crypto and blockchain ecosystem in various jurisdictions around the globe. For the sustainability of projects, it is important to be familiar with the legal framework.

Sonja Prstec

Today, each interaction on the Internet demands a fragment of users’ actual identity. But, every organization or platform service uses a different system to control and manage personal data. This is difficult to manage and maintain. Self-sovereign identity enables that communication and transactions on the web don`t rely on third-party providers but rather on a protocol where parties can interact in a trusted and secure way.

Klemen Zajc

Healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries that can have great benefits from DLT and blockchain technology.
It’s important to explain how the current system looks like and what are the precise problems that can be solved, but without using hype.

Link to my article (Croatian):

Marino Šabijan

Traders can stay in touch with the market while doing other (life important) stuff. Key point is to enable highly secure and reliable application with API key access to users exchange accounts. More info here:

Jernej Vrčko
Coffee break

A big portion of data that are produced by various digital ecosystems has met a lack of interoperability on the line between applications, data streams and various information platforms. The new technology approach in the distributed messaging and Blockchain became a key component of many technology stacks and can derive real-time data streams as valuable and scalable enough to enable real-time data analytics.
The data can be very complex. When such data records are time-stamped and signed under Blockchain key, they can be distributed without losing data integrity. The principle of secure, valid and distributed data is likely to be closer to goal of the interoperability and especially by favoring networking consensus principle that predicates semantic interoperability.

Dean Rakić

With aim to scale a blockchain using public/private key cryptography, 100 % based on science, we started developing platform which will give same chances to reach the audience for both very small and extremely big businesses, so they won’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for their marketing and never make sure what have they paid. Our vision is to ensure that true information reaches the right people as efficiently as possible.
You can find more info about this at

Nikola Mađarević

For an average person interaction with most of crypto and blockchain related apps looks like trying to lead a conversation on a foreign language they barely understand.
We are using old conventions on new technologies. For mass-adoption crypto needs new design paradigms for enhancing user experiences and making technology accessible to the average user.

Crypto app interfaces are filled with hard to understand technology driven terms which make users quickly feel lost. Lack of understanding leads to a lack of trust.

Last year working at Blockfolio I’ve spent mainly finding and trying to solve crypto related design problems.
In this talk, I will share the experiences from that journey.

Short thank you to everyone and Tokenhunt introduction.

10:00 - 11:30
DAO legality workshop

Limited seats, please sign up here:

Anja Blaj & Marina Markezic

Learn how to set up your own company on Aragon and a deep dive into the permission system to make it more sophisticated.

Limited seats, please sign up here:

Daniel Shavit, Aragon

Limited seats, please sign up here:

Felipe Duarte, DaoStack
10:00 - 12:00
Building decentralized game with Fluence and minimal amount of code

Two-hour technical workshop limited to 20 attendees.
Sign up here:

Fluence strives to make DApps development as painless and straightforward as possible. At the workshop, we will explore the toolset Fluence offers by creating a simple yet elegant gaming DApp.
This workshop covers:
– building and deploying a DApp backend into a decentralized network;
– set up a database and integrate it with the application; – creating a DApp frontend integration with the Fluence js client;
– toying around with the database requests and other capabilities Fluence provides;
– some theory on how we can make decentralized networks that are fast, efficient, and secure.
After the workshop, you’ll have a broader understanding of how decentralized networks could be utilized for data storage and processing and what kinds of applications could be build using decentralized stack only.

Dmitry Kurinskiy, Fluence

Learn how to use Zero Knowledge proof with Etherlime. In the following workshop, you are going to learn how to make your first zkSnark circuit. In addition, it will guide you across the whole process of creating proofs and verify them off-chain and on-chain using Ethereum blockchain network.

Technical workshop limited to 20 attendees.
Sign up here:

Ognyan Chikov, Limechain

During this workshop, we will go through what it takes to make a fully functioning DApp from start to finish. Firstly we set up Metamask for authentication/authorization and connect to it with Web3.js. Then we connect the front-end with IPFS and the Kovan testnet. Finally, we upload our encrypted passwords to IPFS and store the resulting hash on the Blockchain. Bonus: we will show how to host our DApp on IPFS, so we have a fully decentralized stack. We will develop a fully functional dapp which will showcase how these two technologies complement each other.

Technical workshop limited to 20 attendees.
Sign up here:

Bogdan Habić & Nebojša Urošević, Tenderly

BeachCon party

Vila Dalmacija – 20:00h – 25.4.2019.


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Clément Lesaege

Cofounder and CTO at Kleros

Daniel Shavit

Research and community lead at Aragon Black and founder at DAOincubator

Fauve Altman

Community manager at State of the Dapps

Ognyan Chikov

Blockchain Developer at Limechain

    Felipe Duarte

    Communications at DaoStack

      Dmitry Kurinskiy

      Cofounder & CTO at Fluence Labs

      Bruno Škvorc

      Technical writer at Nimbus

      Bogdan Habic

      Co-Founder and Distributed Systems Engineer at Tenderly

      Marina Markezic

      Blockchain advisor

      Dean Rakic

      Blockchain strategist

      Stani Kulechov

      Founder and CEO at Aave

      Gustav Arentoft

      Business Development Europe at MakerDAO

      Anja Blaj

      Legal consultant & researcher

      Vlaho Hrdalo

      Tech lawyer

        Vukašin Vukoje

        CEO at Tenderly

        Emilio Frangella

        Blockchain Engineer at Aave

        Marino Šabijan

        CEO at Luxheal

        Ernesto Boado

        Blockchain Engineer at Aave

        Johann Barbie

        Plasma Researcher / R&D Circle Lead at LeapDAO

          Jernej Vrčko

          CEO and Co-founder of PalmaBot

          Ignac Lesar

          Legal Advisor at PalmaBot

          Nikola Madjarevic

          Senior Blockchain Engineer at 2key

          Mathieu Dutour Sikirić

          Programmer and researcher at Alacris

          Klemen Zajc

          Blockchain research & development at Nxxtech

          Ivana Miličić

          Product designer at Blockfolio

          Gregor Storman

          CEO at HONEYCOMB Colony

          Luka Sučić

          Programs & Bizdev at æternity ventures

          Edi Sinovčić

          Blockchain developer

          Sonja Prstec

          Legal counsel at

          Álvaro Rodriguez Resino

          Digital Marketing Manager and Advisor

          George Spasov

          Blockchain Architect and Chief of Delivery at LimeChain


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          where it all takes place

          Thursday 25.4.

          PICS (ICT Županija) – Workshops and Meetups
          Ruđera Boškovića 32, 21000 Split, Croatia

          Vila Dalmacija – BeachCon party
          Šetalište Ivana Meštrovića 43, 21000 Split, Croatia

          Friday 25.4.

          Faculty of Economics in Split
          Cvite Fiskovića 5, 21000 Split, Croatia